The Islay 100

As part of our commitment to the island’s archaeology, we are looking to identify ‘The Islay 100’, the most significant sites and monuments telling the story of Islay’s past.

There is currently little information available about many of them, and they are often difficult to access. Islay Heritage is supporting the research, education, recreation and conservation of these special sites, ensuring more people are able to access and enjoy our rich heritage.

Our sites and monuments pages show a selection of our favourite, but we are looking for nominations for the rest of ‘The Islay 100’.

If you have a site you would like to see included, please send us your photographs and stories either by email to or via our Facebook page.


Glen Astle on the Oa

Fort Am Burg

Dun Chroisprig

Period: Prehistoric, Historic, Medieval

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Location: Islay
Project status: Active

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